Grew up in a little bavarian village I started painting at a very young age. Already in middle school I enrolled in the art sector where I also did my exams. Aferwards I attended a two year art college where I specified my skills and also got a lot of practical work experience in calligraphy, bookbinding, design, woodworks, media, photography and technical drawing. I as well started doing portraits, tattoo designs and other requested pieces.
With a huge desire for more freestyle and inspiration I decided to go see the world and started backpacking. I toured with a little sketch book and a camera for almost a year around the world and tried to hold on to all those wonderful things I got to see. Amazed by all this beauty of land, people and culture I was (and still am) full of inspiration and couldn't resist the urge to finally paint again with paint and canvas.
I returned to Austria in the alps and started working on an art exhibition which will soon be on in Roding and will show my current artworks and photobooks inspired by my travels.
My intention is to bring the beauty of our world, our nature and our people closer to the folk. Life is beautiful and it would be a shame if everyone does not get the chance to see and experience it.
This exhibition will also support my next trip to South Africa where I'll spend a couple of weeks at a local orphanage.

so you see, travelling continues now and it's time for me to leave and get new inspirations from a different continent.


Maria-Theresa Bauer